Mexico Cemetery

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Shrek on top of Mexican Tienda or Store

Vayma Hotel on Pie de la Cuesta - The security guard killed Philippe the man who was owner about three years ago

Alcoholicos Anonimos of Pie de la Cuesta

This is the U Kai Kim Hotel and on the front they give Massages

U Kai Kim Hotel on Pie de la Cuesta. I did not stay there and do not recommend this hotel, just showing the massage thing

Sunset at Playa Luces or Pie de la Cuesta Acapulco Mexico

The left is saltwater and beach, the right is a lagoon and fresh water.


Oxxo is the equivalent of a 7-11 in Mexico

Cemetery at entrance of Pie de la Cuesta - Acapulco Mexico

Graves above ground I think, the water table is not very far down

Typical mountain type road near the beach


Dish or Sky TV. Strangely this hut has Dish or Cable TV, while most of the hotels on Pie have no TV

Mexican Mangos

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