Acapulco Mexico Pigs

Acapulco Mexico Pigs Photos    Acapulco Mexico Pigs Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Asiana Airlines colleting money for UNICEF on plane from Bangkok, Thailand to Chicago, Illinois USA

I was sent a book to read, they had it stamped Media Mail, not sure what that means. More or less I am
to review the travel book.

Bolillo a type of Mexico Bread and my favorite morning food

Lady selling bananas and food in morning. the basket if full of Bolillos the Mexican bread.

Ice Coffee for 18 pesos in OXXO store. This is six times the price of Thailand

Mexico has Volkswagen Taxis - Acapulco Mexico at Pemex Gas station the country station

Entrance Archway to Pie de la Cuesta or Playa Luces - Acapulco Mexico

Pigs on morning walk to eat Bolillos

The smell of burning coconuts or trash always reminds me of Mexico


Pigs or Puercos


Mexican Girls walking along beach at Playa Luces Acapulco Mexico

The morning walkers have sticks to beat the dogs that can chase them

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