Asiana Airlines Toilets

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Buddha on Island of Koh SiChang about 150 Miles South of Bangkok Thailand

Ekamai - This is the bus Station you go to, if going to Koh SiChang or Pattaya Thailand

A flat rice pancake food in Thailand

Thailand Girl saves the Corn for later

This is a really great headrest on Asiana Airlines between Bangkok, Thailand and Seoul Korea

Lies flat than wraps around head so you do not fall out of chair when sleeping

Asiana was great Airlines, Toothbrushes, Flowers, Perfume in Toilets

A Bathhouse a person can sleep in cheap near Korea Airport

Chim Jil Bang - This is the name of these cheap sleeps in Korea

Asiana Airlines collected spare change for UNICEF on plane

Fort Wayne Indiana Business Center - This was a good as Singapore

Free Connection from WIFI or Ethernet

Everyone in Orland Indiana shows their allegiance to Indiana University or Purdue, this is Indiana University Flag

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