Rama V Koh SiChang Thailand

Rama V Koh SiChang Thailand Photos    Rama V Koh SiChang Thailand Pictures
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Wood old style Thailand House Architecture

Buddhist Stand or offering

Small people statues inside and a glass of water is offered to Buddhist

Thailand Architecture of old homes

More modern

Rama V had a home or base here on this Island, in the Rama V park thing, there is these gazebo things on the water

Gazebo Pier in Thailand

Fishing Boats in the Rama V - Siam Thailand park area of Koh SiChang Thailand

Dog eating ice cream

Licking the cup

The type of sand on the Tam Pang Resort of Koh SiChang is good

Tam Pang Resort Beach

Thailand Girls, they do not lie in the sun

Buddhist Statue or Buddha on the Island of Koh Si Chang - SiChang Thailand

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