Thailand Island Drinking Water

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Potable or useable water on Island of Koh SiChang Thailand

Blue Resort, forgot the name, on Koh Sichang but does not have electricity 24 hours per day 2008

Bungalows looking at sea, you need a motorcycle to live here, you can rent them for about 150-250 per day

Grass Hut for tourist on island of Koh SiChang Thailand

Grass Hut Bungalows on seafront of Thailand

Kayaks to rent Thailand Koh SiChang Resort. ?

Tam Pang Resort around the corner, 24 hour electricity 500 Baht, and has a beach, Kayaks. 2008

Walking along rocky coast of the island of Koh Si Chang

Tam Pang Resort Thailand

Many fish in the water, supposed to be polluted?...

Thailand Fish

Water being collected from rain going into gutter and down into tank

Typical old style Thailand house, there is a Buddhist welcome or offering thing to the right of photo

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