Koh SiChang Island Thailand

Koh SiChang Island Thailand Photos    Koh SiChang Island Thailand Pictures
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Taking a bus to Koh SiChange, and Island in Thailand about four hours south of Bangkok, you
need to get off the bus at the Robinsons Mall, then you can take a tuk tuk to the pier for 50 Baht. 2008

This is the pier that has the Ferries to Koh SiChang, about one-half to one hour trip


There are many large ships in this area of Thailand

Ship Cranes to load or unload cargo

Island of Koh SiChang. There is this Chinese temple in this photo

Chinese Religious Shrine on Koh SiChang Thailand

Fishing Boat on the deck at low tide in Koh SiChang

Fishing Boats on Island of Koh SiChang. This island is very close to Bangkok and not a problem for bus.

Streets of Koh Si Chang Thailand

A very annoying community radio system, start to talk or play music in mornings.


This lady helped us to find the beach hotel, the people on this island are more friendly than the normal Tourist Island of Thailand

Tam something resort, the only one with beach in front of it we found.

Rocky Point

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