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A foreigner running around drunk in the morning taking photos with a pretty complicated camera system.
Khao San Road Thailand

He has a big camera flash

Arriving at the Bangkok Airport, you will find Limos offered for about 1000 Baht
If you go up to the arrival area, flag a taxi, you can get a taxi more or les with METER for about 300 Baht to Khao San Road

Nothing cheap and affordable about this, but convenient.
Pattaya for the Tourist after it quick.

The new Bangkok Airport, somebody designed something beautiful that does not work. 2008

On the way to Khao San Road there was a bus accident.

CRV Transport of Thailand had a bad day.

Bye By Menlanin - Whitening Facial Foam used by Thailand or Asian people to make their skin white
Nivea is brand name

Some unknown fruit or Thailand food. My lenses kept fogging over as the camera was too cold
from Air Conditioning in the Hotel Room. I was in the Erawan house with WIFI in the room.

Shiva? A Hindu Elephant stature in front of the Sawasdee Smile Guesthouse in the Khao San Road area of Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Elephants

Making a video about keeping the door closed with a towel.


How to keep a door closed video

Robinsons Mall - Where a person gets off to go to the island of Koh SiChang Thailand

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