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Manila Philippines Price Sheet, smart. You can tear off and take with you, like a small brochure, business card.

I applied for a Thailand Visa in Manila I needed the things on the list as an American to get the visa.
30 days on entry is permitted free for 90 days in a six month period, after this you need to apply outside the country. 2007

I stay in this guesthouse in Bangkok, Thailand, it has Wireless Internet in the room, 150-500 Baht, plus a few bedbugs

This is the address of the Thailand Embassy in Manila, Philippines to apply for Thailand Visa in Manila

A boy and mother showering in Street in the Malate are of Manila Philippines

Street Children of Family in the Philippines

Child helping mother

Cyber ---- Sex is big in Philippines, many girls there make a lot of money talking English to your husband while
he is at work, they even have this Amateurs Magazine on how to do it. Manila Philippines.
Because the second language or language of business is English they can do this easier, plus with the
webcams, chat, skype, they are in business.


The toilet in the Thailand Embassy in Manila.
There is a sign above it.

Asian people will stand on the top of a toilet, squat and use.
hehehe, do not know about the flush toilet thing, I suppose they are used to dip and pour method, not a handle.

Pension Natividad Guesthouse in Manila

Pension Natividad Guesthouse in Manila
This is a very good choice, especially for man and girl couple traveling together.

This is a quick and fast way to make an automatic shut off for the room or Air Conditioner.
This is in the Duck Inn in Manila, Philippines, The hotel has WIFI in the rooms.

That Plug has a wire that make a circuit, plug it in, and the air conditioner works in the Hotel room.

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