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This is an exhaust fan in my 200 Baht double room in Bang Saen Thailand.
This fan is great, exactly what all hotel rooms need. It blow out the hot humid air and sucks in the air from outside.

This fan has a shroud that you can open when the fan is running

Above the door, note, I do not think the fan worked... hehehe
Concrete rooms collect moisture or hold moisture inside, they do not breath.
Humidity is a perceived sense of feeling hot.

Old House behind hotel in Baen Saen Thailand

This porch I would call Thai Style and slowly being replaced by designs that do not work as well.

Seat overhang or is just back a little to use more porch space

A Thailand style Rice Hat, Tourist buy and wear and look silly.

My Laundry women in Bangkok, about 30 Baht per Kilo or about one dollar for two pounds. 2007

Rises up off the head to allow air to flow. This hat makes lot of sense to me, shaded, air flows, and big.
The stocking caps the dread people wear to me make no sense, the function is questionable with a stocking cap.


79 Baht, about 2.50 U.S. Dollars to buy those trendy shoes people in the USA and Europe are paying a fortune for, hehehe
This is a standard type of shoe in many places of Africa, just a cheap plastic shoe.

A good safe place to store a backpack in one of the Four Sons Guesthouses in the Khao San Road area of
Bangkok, Thailand

People living in cages in Bangkok, Thailand so they do not get robbed

Caged housing


I always think of Peter Moore when I see this type motorbike.
He wrote a book Room with a Vroom.

Eat this Dog, this mangy dog, Thailand dogs are mean.

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