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Backpackers with Rain Covers on, normally an Israel or Canadian backpacker.
Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

The Economist Magazine - The world's most dangerous place. Pakistan, not sure I agree, Time next to it.

I purchased a broom from this lady for 30 Baht about one dollar U.S.
When I stay in a hotel a long time, I buy brooms, hanger, toilet cleaners, etc, because I do not allow
the hotel to clean the room unless I assist.

I guess the way to store this type of broom is like this so the brush part of the Thailand Broom
does not bend.

In Baen Saen Thailand, about 150 Kilometers or four hours south of Bangkok on the way to Pataya, Thailand.

This street food vendor has a fly chaser that is ran by an electric motor

In the center above the food is an electrical motor that spins and a small piece of material spins
above the food to keep the flies and insects from landing on the food.
Baen Saen, Thailand

This is an Umbrella Beach at Baen Saen, Thaialand, all the Thailand tourist come for the weekend
sit under umbrellas, stay out of sun and drink beer. Not about being a sunbather or getting a tan.

Hundreds or maybe thousands of Umbrellas and Palm Trees for shade at Ban Saen Beach, Thailand

The bad news is you have to pay 30 Baht or about one dollars US to rent the chair. 2007

This man is up in the tree cutting coconuts out of the tree for safety of people below the trees.

BangSaen Beach, the center sign, if you took this photo and printed you could show a taxi and not speak Thai.

A coconut with most of the outside shell of, I am not sure, maybe boiled.
Baen Sang Thailand

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