Golden Mount Buddhist Temple

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Little Green Men
Bob says, do not obey the little green aliens, they lie
This is a crosswalk in Bangkok, Thailand, I agree do not trust the walk like or you may end up dead.

Park with the normal Thailand style Buddhist Temples and Wats, I was walking to the Golden Mount.

Street Cleaners, this has a very short handle on the rake, always questioning why Thailand does not have longer handles
Bamboo or wicker dust pan

Sign to the Golden Mount, you could print this photo, hand to a taxi and pay the meter, save the walk.
Bangkok, Thailand near Khao San Road.

The Golden Mount, a unique Buddhist Wat because of the height of the Wat, very tall.

Graves along side the Buddist Wat. The Golden Mount.

I would say it a Buddhist way of burying and honoring dead people.

Looking up at the Golden Mount, Bangkoik Thailand

Buddhist Temple in Bangkok, Thailand

I went over to the Monk Housing and took this Photos of the Golden Mount in Bangkok, Thailand

Golden Mount

The Golden Mountain... hehehe

Entrance way, I somehow walked in the back end as closer to Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

To of Golden Mount, that is a walkway of step curving around.

The Golden Mount

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