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A street corner sell of many strange and weird things. Maybe a sponge is one of the things.
Close to Pizza Hut of Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

This lady set up on the corner near the New World, K.S. House Guesthouse or Pizza Hut.
Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand 2007

Air Conditioner problems, when turn the air conditioner after I leave a room, or leave the window
open for a long time the water can start to drip off the Air Conditioner. I try to choose room where
my Air Conditioner is not above my bed. K.S. House with WIFI near Khao Sarn Road and a few bedbugs. 2007

Dripping Water from Air Conditioner

My Pet Bedbugs from the K.S. House near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand 2007

I was collecting them and putting in a plastic bag. They are small so hard to video.
The hotel has WIFI, so it was a tradeoff, bedbugs for Wireless Internet.
I would hope by 2009 Charlie finally has them all killed, but take care.


I allowed the Air Conditioner to run, however would hang my Camera bag open to an open window.
I wanted the camera to stay warm and acclimated to the outside humidity, whereby when I left the
room my zoom lens would not fog over. If you know a photographer and they do not know
about this problem, I suspect they are not very experienced.


I closed the curtain over the Camera bag to create a curtain wall between the outside and inside, I then used
clothespins to keep the window closed.

I purchased this clip in the store next to the large supermarket so I could hang up my bag
quickly and efficiently, I now carry this cord with a clip in the bottom of my camera bag.

Old Boat in the canal next to the park behind the Wat of Khao San Road. Bangkok, Thailand

Preparing to make Hot water for a shower in Bangkok, Thailand
I will put that large half shown water heater in the bucket, allow to cook for about 15-30 minutes.
I stand on my towel rug for a small measure of safety from getting electrical shocks.

I call this the Farang Tour Bus or Foreigner Tours.
There appeared to normally have Thailand passengers in this City Tour Bus, therefore I would wave.
Hello, look at the all the Foreigners walking around in the Khao San Road are of Bangkok, Thailand.



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