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Common thing for travelers to do, sign a book as read, then allow it to go back into the used book
circulation whereby this book can travel to another country.

Smile when your're lying - Confessions of a rogue travel writer - Chuck Thompson
The marketing person sent this to me to review, I read and signed while in Philippines

Book Review SMILE WHEN YOU’RE LYING Friday December 21

Bamboo Scaffolding at entrance to road to the right of the Wat in the Khao San Road area of
Bangkok, Thailand

Construction is a great way to see normal culture as opposed to putting on a good face culture

They are using Bamboo as Scaffolding to do Construction on this building on Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand Boys working on a building near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
This building is now a Hotel with a street Restaurant next to it, then the Bank on the corner, the Yellow Bank.

Making Ice Coffee for 20 Baht per cup or bag - about 75 Cents US. 2007
This is the old fashion way of making it, this lady is on the one road that leads into the parking
lot that goes in to the Buddhist Wat off Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand.

In front of the K.S. Guesthouse this man has a job of hauling the daily street vendor stand to their
position. He goes to the overnight storage and then wheels them to a position of work. I did not
think much about this until I the same man doing many of these mobile street vendor carts. Bangkok, Thailand.

A Buddhist Monk on Khao San Road, this one has shoes, normally about 6-7:00 am in the morning the walk
around collecting gifts for the Temple, they are normally barefoot.

McDonalds Restaurant on Khao San Road, a good place to stop and eat an Ice Cream Cone. Bangkok, Thailand
Buddy Restaurant, the word Boutique is the trendy word to use to describe a Hotel now.

Aporia Books, there are two bookstore, the more expensive, but easier to find difficult books.
This is to the left of the Khao San Road Burger King. I purchased a Lonely Planet West Africa in this bookstore
as it was the only place possible, I also could order guidebooks of rare places to travel.

Paul Theroux books in the used bookstore to the left of the New Books Store.
Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand. This man is not only a travel writer, he wrote many books
on many subjects.

Street Corner Vegetable, Fruits and other stuff, of unknown varieties.
Peppers, Lemons or Limes, etc.

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