LA Cafe Girl Philippines

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This cleaning lady was putting trash in a bathtub.
Photo taken in the Malate - Ermita area of Manila in between Hilton and Stonehouse

No need to beat around the bush, a very direct sign in Manila, Philippines

Shower in Stonehouse Hotel in Manila

Bhagwan, a good brand, this on-demand hot water was good. There is very seldom
hot water tanks, the 40 gallon type, only these electric on-demand types in most countries

Sign on front door of the Stonehouse Hotel in Manila, Philippines

Burger King has a cell phone recharge station in their restaurant in the Robinson Mall of Manila

These are some backpacks sold in Manila, this type of padlock slider zipper is a pretty good design



Padlock Slider

The hole on the end would also allow a lock, this is thicker than normal, less likely to break the pull tab

I was in Internet Cafe next to L.A. Cafe, this girl was asking me questions about my computer laptop.

LA Cafe Girls in Manila Philippines

Philippines Girl in Internet Cafe

Philippines Girl in Internet Cafe - I think girls or people all dream about being models, they pose when a camera is near

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