Philippines Child and Fashion

Philippines Child and Fashion Photos    Philippines Child and Fashion Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

In Quezon City at the Chicken Stand, I talked with Philippine boy and girl

Posing, I was teasing him about the long piece of hair on the right of head

A Philippines Hair Fashion

Peewee Herman with a Twist in the Philippines

This light in the Stonehouse was Flashing, on, off, on off, a very annoying type problem
Manila Hotel

Rodney in Cottage Industry Backpack Making Shop

Talking about different desings

Quezon City

This house is completely enclosed by fence, this goes above the yard area.
Quezon City, Philippines

If you look close you can see it above the yard area

Small Street Child in Manila

This is about 7:00 am in the morning, not sure where the mother is located

I took this photo and made a movie in front of the Manila Hilton in the Malate area of Manila, Philippines

This family sleeps just down below the Manila Hilton

Probably two LA Cafe girls going home, sleeping Philippines Girls

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