Philippines Street People

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A family or group of people going through the trash right next to the Starbucks, or Malate Pensione in Manila Philppines

I was in the Internet Cafe, making a video of this, it is open 24 hours, and you can call the USA free from this cafe.

HSBC Bank or ATM in Robinsons Mall in Manila, Philippines

This WIFI is not Free

Dole and 7-11 Convenient store have go together to sell bananas for 10 Pesos in the Philippines, a good idea.

Big Stuff Animals that move in the Mall in Quezon City, Philippines

They give children rides on these big stuff animals.

There is some type of electrical motor inside that makes them walk.

English School for Koreans in Quezon City, Philippines, many student here studying with Philippine Teachers.

Do Not Block Sidewalk, Sidewalks are for people. Although the Philippines has not really accomplished this,
I do think once you start soon reality has a chance to follow.

Rodney a Backpack maker in Quezon City, Philippines

Construction Project in Quezon City

Look they give a Blog Permit

This house is enclosed in a wrought iron cage, completely over the front or top of the front lawn.

Philippines Girls, always friendly

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