Philippines Motorcycle Sidecar

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Vagina Repair, a sign from the Philippines, it is possible the boom boom girls want to
become a Virgin again so they can get married easier.

Free versus pay WIFI Zone - You need to see the word FREE if you are looking for Free Wireless Internet Access

This appears to be a universal sign saying the place has Wireless Connection to the Internet

This was in Robinson Mall in the Malate - Ermita neighborhood of Manila, Philippines

Air Hammer or Jack Hammer, they started to break up the street, I then did not have water for a day,
I was in the Yasmin Apartelle in Ermita, when I finally said enough, and moved to Stonehouse.

The tools in the Philippines are advanced compared to other countries.

Large Air Compressor to run the Jack Hammer in Manila, Philippines

San Francisco Coffee - Life is Good. - This is where in there is a free WIFI connection in the Robinsons
Mall in Manila, Philippines

This is sidecar for carrying cargo, very common in the Philippines, I made a video of this to explain.

Bolted in just a few place, this is was made with rebar and tubing, not too difficult to make

Attached  just above the rear shock absorber

The Philippines people were all laughing at me taking the Video

Philippines Man

This is a person sleeping in cart, the one the right is bicycle taxi.

Sleeping or living in the Bicycle Taxi in Manila, Philippines

Fell asleep sitting

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