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Eating Insects in Thailand
There was a festival below the Golden Mount near Khao San Road on New Years Eve, I went to the Festival and
the was selling all sorts of insects and bugs to eat.

Thailand Fashions
These skirts or designs for dress, probably a hang over from India travelers is a newer fashion in Bangkok, or Thailand.
The Thailand people often copy Japanese or Korean fashion, however the Europeans are having a bigger influence.

I think of this as India colors or patterns

I can purchase a whole pineapple in Thailand for 30 Baht or 1 dollars as of 2008
I can buy already prepared half for 10 Baht or 20 Baht ready to eat.

I made a video, I called the Gift to Africa of how to cut up and prepare a pineapple to sell.

Preparing to make the video, two pineapple, and a big knife

Cutting off the top to start, The video is on, hmm

One half pineapple, iced down, ready to eat on Khao San Road, this is a bargain. I truly think that Africa and Central
and South America could double their sales of Pineapple if the used the Thailand methodology of sales.

Glass case on wheel, a mobile vendor of fresh fruits

The complete cart, with other strange Thailand Fruits

The serve in plastic bag with this stick to eat, save a lot of sticky fingers, and is easier way to eat.

This No Garbage Here is funny. I took this photo in the K.S. House in Bangkok, I think the Backpackers
or Travelers, Tourist put cigarette butts in the plants.

This new building in the Khao San Area near the Pizza place is great. They are going to use as a Massage place,
not for boom boom massage, just normal massage.

Thailand Girls up on the deck of the same building, they ware cleaners or workers, often 50 percent of the
construction workers of Thailand are women.

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