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These a what I call Sesame Seed Peanuts, these are in Thailand. They fry the peanuts in oil then somehow
coat the peanuts with a layer of sweet sesame seeds.

The bag to the left sells for about 20 Baht or less if outside the tourist zones

This women who is cooking, located across the street from the K.S. Guesthouse near Khao San Road
in Bangkok, Thailand. She was in some newspaper it seems and has a copy of the peanut article.

One bag, and she weighs each bag

I think the camera had some smudge or condensation on the bottom of the lens, I have to use my t-shirt of small rag
to continuously clean.

Weighing the Peanuts for sale in Thailand

This is the cheap used bookstore that is located at the back of the WAT or Buddhist Temple
in the Khao Road of Bangkok, Thailand

I think this is called a Sala Thai, that it the name of the Thailand Architecture

Sala Thai

Sala Thai in front of the rooms where all the Buddhist Monks sleep inside the Temple of Khao San Road,
across from the Police Station

More or less a bum kid sleeping on sidewalk just one-half block or across from the Khao San Road Police Station

Broom in Thailand

Buddha or Buddha Statue in the Golden Mount Buddhist temple or Wat near Khao San Road


I think they eat cockroaches in Thailand - Thailand Food

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