Hired Gunman to Kill Politicians

Hired Gunman to Kill Politicians Photos    Hired Gunman to Kill Politicians Pictures
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Buddhist Offering next to the New Joe Guesthouse behind Khao San Road and close to Nat Tours in Bangkok, Thailand

My travel shower bag, to hang this up is great. There are many problems with hotels and having enough
counter space is maybe the number one. This is a cold water shower.

This is a typical sidewalk and road, the sidewalk is a big market, and close to impossible to walk freely.
I normally walk on the road in Thailand and most countries because it is too difficult and slow to walk on the sidewalks.

This is a taxi on the Zebra Cross walk, for sure do not trust a taxi in Thailand to stop, they are better
than most countries, however it is fooler and very dangerous, they often speed up at cross walk and traffic lights.
I have decide for me it safer to walk across in the middle of roads, jaywalk more or less because of the danger
of cars speeding up to catch the traffic lights


Zebra Cross walk, I think if the United Nations would make zebra crosswalk the standard for the world
they could save more lives than AIDS, Water problems, Wars and any other non-natural deaths.

See the red thread, the cleaning people sew in this thread, what happens next is they wash all the clothes
same machines to optimize usage. That means my clothes are washed with your clothes.
This is cold water wash only, not sure how sanitary this is, however I walk down to Sawasdee Cleaners where
they have hot dryers to make sure my life is better.

The do not seem to remove the color thread, I wonder if the get them mixed up

Because there is almost zero waste bins or trash receptacle on Khao San Road, I normally put my junk or
iced coffee cup up on top of this electrical thingy.

Used books are easy to buy on Khao San Road, they go from 50 Baht to 350 Baht. They are now
packaging them in plastic, sandpaper the edges and tying to the books look new to sell better.

This is Rama V I believe, he is famous in Thailand and as I understand, stopped slavery in the country

I thin an older version of Rama V is on the 100 Baht paper money, about three dollars US.

Gunman for hire, in the Bangkok Post, I was reading about increased security. There is or was an election,
Politicians were hiring gunman to kill their opponents, and it makes the front page of paper.

Annoying truck, this vehicle has a loudspeaker system on it, that demands attention

Peanuts Frying in a big wok or steel pot in Bangkok, Thailand before making into Sesame Seed Peanuts

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