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Typical Thailand Home Chairs in a Hotel, not common in Hotels

I found this guy sitting relaxing about 8:00 am in the morning as I took the shortcut
through the Buddhist Temple near Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Bruce Carro of Melbourne Australia juggles fire on the bed of Spikes at the Fringe Festival on Broadway Avenue
August 1, 2007

This Teddy Bear is big, has a bar coded, checked baggage or at least inspected by the Airport Tag.
Carrying and Stuffed animal is not common, however a few do, it is a great way to take photos
when you want somthing to use for size, or reference.

He is more experienced about traveling than the average backpacker on Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand

The Androgynous Nature of Travelers and Humans, and Man and Women Backpacker near Khao San Road

Backpackers of Khao Sarn Road

Thanon Khao Sarn Road Sign

There is a Burger King in this photos, at one end of Khao San Road is a Burger King and the
other end is the Thailand Police Station or Buddhist Temple. They are the two stable landmarks.

Walking towards the Diamond Hotel at the bridge I found this lizard climbing this huge bag hanging in the water.

This bag is full of plastic bottles and there is a street restaurant up on to sidewalk or boardwalk

I do not normally see lizards in Thailand this big, a very big Thailand Animal

Real Laser Tooth Whitening in Bangkok. I do not think this is cheap, however many people
with socialize medicine have to wait up to one year for an appointment in their home countries
I think Dental Tourism is rising in Thailand. This is on Khao San Road and more or less inside a tourist trap

I think this is a bamboo ladder, climbing to repair or inspect the electrical lines in Bangkok.

Bamboo Ladder for safety, as opposed to a fiberglass one in used for Construction in other countries

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