Thailand Food and Wholesale Market

Thailand Food and Wholesale Market Photos    Thailand Food and Wholesale Market Pictures    Travel Newsletter  208

Peppers for the Thailand food of Chicken Fried Rice - Garlic to right

Onions for Chicken Fried Rice

The workers near Khao San Road painting the fence painted around this boy passed out on sidewalk

Behind the temple next to the nice park near Khao San Road is this big fortress

The plastic bowl is for begging, hard to know what this kid is up too

The view of bum on street, this is one of the most busy locations and only about 50 meters from the
Khao San Road Police Station. The Police more or less stop things that make a profit.

Hewlett Packard. I had my computer fixed here. That is a Meter Taxi in Thailand, one of the cheapest and best on planet

This is maybe an Army Supply store in the Bobae Market area of Bangkok.

These are plastics disposable umbrellas, I carry one in the bottom of my camera and computer
bag to use if trapped in a rain storm, this is to protect my bag. I have an umbrella for me.

Great Nylon Strap, hard to find this to buy, a real great way to custom fix your backpack

This is the business card in Bobae Market. Do NOT write him in English. Use this to find the
Backpack Supply store with a Taxi. He does not speak a word of English.

Bobae Market -One of the only true Wholesale Market I have ever been to, they really
do sell shirts wholesale.

White Wall is what the call this on Khao San Road

Small Holes for Arrows and Guns, this on the river in near Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand

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