Koh Chang Cashew Resort

Koh Chang Cashew Resort Photos    Koh Chang Cashew Resort Pictures
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Boat from Ranong Thailand to Island of Koh Chang

Other travelers leaving boarding boat at Cashew Resort of the Resort you are staying

Long-Tai Boat, the Engine as a long propeller

Long-Tail Boat and very noisy

The island of Koh Chang near the Burma border is the only Agro-Tourism locations I have ever been.
This is a map of Cashes, Rubber, Coconuts, Rare Herbs, what is better yet is the really
grow more than this map.

Mosquito net over bed at Cashew Resort. We was lying on the front patio watching the ocean in
the shade of the trees

This room was 200 Baht just before season started and I needed to negotiate.
This is about six dollar USA

Front view of Andaman Sea from Cashew Resorts room
I put up to stick in the ground on beach to dry clothes I washed by hand.

Tsunami Hazard Zone
In Case of Earthquake go to High Ground or Inland

I think it should say, do NOT go into a building.

Thailand as most of the world has dog to protect their property. The Thailand dog is an exceptionally
mean and difficult dog. You have to threaten to throw stone or throw stones to get them to stop.

Cashew Resort - Electricity is only at night

This is an ingredient in Kow Pat Gai or Chicken Fried Rice in Thailand Food

I am not positive what this is, but a vegetable

Chicken Friend Rice cost between 15 Baht and 50 Baht in Thailand
50 cents US to 1.50
I am sure in the Resorts they make dumber prices, Samui, Phuket

Peppers and Garlic for Chicken Fried Rice
The less you pay for Chicken Fried Rise the better it is, the locals have good spice and do not just
serve you white rice dishes like the expensive versions.

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