Koh Chang Thailand Agriculture

Koh Chang Thailand Agriculture Photos    Koh Chang Thailand Agriculture Pictures
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Rubber Sap collected into coconut shell

Pineapple in Thailand

Unknown Plant in Thailand

Thailand Well for Water

Artist House on Island of Koh Chang near Ranong or Burma

Nice Pave Walk on Island of Koh Chang

Pier on Koh Chang Island near Ranong or Burma

A walk through the Cashew Trees

This wide paved path runs all around the island. To the right is rubber trees


A bunch of smaller fat bananas, there are many types and difficult to learn

This is more or less a coconut plantation on the Island of Koh Chang a great Agro-Tourism Island of Thailand.

Questioned the construction here, concrete toilet and wood living quarters maybe

Unknown Something growing

Spaceship Trees I think according to Alex Garland in the book The Beach

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