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This Protestant Christian man set up a loud speaker system across from my hotel the Anchor Hotel in
General Santo, a very good hotel with AC, Cable and TV for 800 Pesos.

They said this man has a permit, it is amazing the noise levels in some countries. I complain
about the Islamic Loudspeaker call to prayer, I think all religions are inconsiderate.

The really do want to ram it down a persons throat, fortunately I know there are
"Things of Man" - The loudspeaker
"Things of God" The idea of love your neighbor as yourself.
Would want you neighbor to put up a loud speaker next to window?

View from my window. Note, the Anchor Hotel is excellent, the Delores across the street
is suppose to be cheaper I think the location is perfect for General Santos.
Parking? I do not know, but for a backpacker without a car, this is great, the cheapest
are on Pioneer Street and a great location also. The Tbloi is best with a car, or you take a taxi all the time.


This is tethers or straps for the leg of chicken. It is for the fighting chickens or cockfights
I though the number of tethers was amazing. Is there such a demand that they need this many?

Spaps on the leg

I took this in the Public Market of General Santo, I like to walk around "Normal Markets"
where they do not sell any souvenirs. Then you can see what is really sold in a country
what is the real culture or real present culture.


These are some interesting shape cooling pots in General Santos Philippines Mindanao Island Public Market

A Family business, selling the cockfight chickens

cockfight chickens - Roosters? are all fighters Roosters? (Male)

Interesting. I believe Pomela in Spanish is Grapefruit, this is not a grapefruit, something different I believe
yet, I did not eat one either.

I put the Do Not Disturb Sign on my door, and they still come in and cleaned the room.
I do want anyone entering my room, it is almost impossible, The reason I stay in
very cheap room more than not,  is because I want a padlock on my door.
Padlocks on Doors

Munche Bar and Restaurant in the Ermita part of Manila, mabye Marbini. Nonetheless, I went and met
a couple of friends. I think it is the place all the expats bring their Philippines girls in tow.

Unsavory Types... hehehe or good guys, Saints and Sinner as Steinbeck says.

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