Cebu Pacific Manila Bangkok Inaugural Flight

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Cebu Pacific Manila Bangkok Inaugural Flight
December 14, 2006

Cebu Pacific Air flew their first flight between Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, Thailand on December 15, 2006. By a strange quirk of events, I ended up on this flight, I was very happy.

Travelers, Backpackers, Independent Travelers, Long-term Traveler, Expats and people that forget to go home are traveling the planet. The world is getting smaller...

The Philippines has been OFF the checklist of most backpackers for years. Not the country to visit.

There are many reasons, yet the number one reason in this seasoned travelers opinion is the Philippines is not convenient. However, the Philippines has no reason to feel alone, the whole continent of Africa has been inconvenient for years.

There are thresholds by which a traveler makes decisions, before it become the easy and convenient place to visit.

Was the ticket easy to buy?
How much does it cost?
Are my friends going?
Is the Visa easy?
What is there to do?

I have been amiss for years, wondering why the world does not see the long list of activities and adventure in the Philippines.

just made it quick and easy to fly from Bangkok to Manila. Hong Kong and Singapore have had LCC Low Cost Carriers and now Cebu Pacific has connected the most important dot. Bangkok is the Center of the Backpackers Universe, it is the gate, the hub, it where anybody that wants to be "Backpacker," Traveler," ends up, then starts up a trip in Southeast Asia.

You book this on the internet.

Thank you to Cebu Pacific for making my life easier.

Why has the Philippines been off the checklist for years? Iit is not simple, yet one primary reason is this, a person in England or Australia will walk into the Trailfinders Travel Agency or STA Travel and book their tickets.

Philippines is not offered by a travel agent.

Too expansive with Philippines Airlines, the snobbish, not wanting to make life easy Airlines.

Not on the around the world ticket. (A big deal, off the path between England and Australia.)

Difficult to buy the tickets.

An onward or round trip ticket is needed for the visa. (One major obstacle that needs removed.)

Well, thanks to Cebu Pacific Airline maybe the Philippines will enter the game.

The thresholds of resistance are lowering, the Philippines does slmody everything wrong with tourism, they just do not play and share their toys well.

I think Cebu Pacific Airlines may make the Philippines, one of them places you need to see.


They gave us free food at the gate in Manila.














Cebu Pacific Manila Bangkok Inaugural Flight


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