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This little girls was hiding from my camera, I am in Tboli Philippines
She turned around and faced the other direction, that is how she was hiding.


This is lodging in Tboli or T'boli Hotel. The room are 300 Pesos per night or 6 US Dollars in December or 2006.

This is the entrance, there is a sign on this gate that says not to block.
Francisco is the owner

This extremely good bread shop called the Manolette Bakeshop is about 4-5 buildings from the
entrance to the guesthouse, hotel or whatever in Tboli, Philippines

I took a photo of the guesthouse and this man wanted his photo taken.
The cigarette is almost a permanent fixture in the hands of Filipino men.

In between Tboli and Surallah are very large Pineapple fields - Philippines

This woven material used for sides of home is Asian for sure, but not so typical, only when you
are outside the larger cities.

Jeepney in Philippines - Marbel


Chicken, a unique type of vehicle.

Second photo of chicken bike, he wanted to take off his hat.

I have both a top loading and a side loading backpack. I took my camera out of the top of the bag and wanted
to put it back in the bag. This bag is presently between my legs on the bus. I can sit this next to me
on the floor and still have access to the bag. If only a side loading, I would need to pick up the bag.

These are quail eggs, very common food in the Philippines

Quail Eggs in the General Santos Public Market

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