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This is a home in Tupi Philippines, the architecture is wood, not the normal concrete of the more modern buildings.
There are these protruding wall window encasements, made of bamboo. The lower front appendage has
a beveled lower area and covered by bamboo slats also.

The bamboo would not stop mosquitoes, however maybe it is to stop monkeys, or larger animals from entering.

These building are a mystery for me the traveler, the more wealthy person normally would live in the
concrete or modern building and have better anti-animal, anti-mosquito protection.
The will also have better education and speak English, while the person living in this home probably
does not speak good English and cannot explain to me, in a way I can understand the reasons.
Thus the mystery, how to learn quickly about the design of the building, yes I can spend a day on the
questions, and prod and poke, ask until I learn, yet this is not normal, unless I become obsessed.


This boy has either created a play sword or an architecture square

Taxi in Tupi, Philippines, the seat is different configuration

Pig or Hog Roast at a wedding reception in Tupi Philippines.



Next to the grand home or the Tupi Guesthouse is this smaller home or typical.
In the western world, especially the USA, a home will be in groups where all the homes are the same caliber.
While in the normal world, or the underdeveloped nations, a home will often be very nice,
then surrounded by much smaller or even extreme poverty.


The wedding reception in a very nice home or guesthouse in Tupi Philippines

Head of the pig


The dollar dance, or wedding reception with bride and groom in Tupi Philippines. December 2006

I took a bus from Tupi to Marvel, then this group of men stand in front of a van whereby I will go from
Marbel to Surallah Philippines. The cost is 20 Pesos or about 50 cents US.

This is the market in Tboli, I spent one night in the small village of T'boli. I was expecting to find some
typical Tboli Ethnic group. However, they seem to have all totally assimilated into the normal Filipino culture.

This is a danger to a traveler, the person can reach in and unlock the door an enter my room.
It there is a lock on the inside that is a by key only, then it stops it, however if the building is
made of wood you can die because the key is not in the lock.

This is a total concrete room, not a problem for fire, however, the bottom line is it is best to beware a room
that has a window very close to the door.

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