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Large Pineapple fields on the road between General Santos and Marbel.
Over the mountains and on the other side is the Tboli people and the Lake Sebu, but a person must go north
to Marbel, then again south to Lake Sebu to visit.

I am using a gun lock, purchased in Walmart to lock my backpack to the bed. When I leave the room
I place my computer, camera and valuable in the bag. I do NOT always put the money, as I think
better to put in a strange place, like under my underwear. This is obviously a place where I put
valuables It does not stop a serious robber, it is just to stop the common robber, the maid and the staff of the hotel.
I am also able to bring new friends into my room without the worry of them grabbing my camera.

This is a flexible padlock and the shank is long enough to be used effectively. I purchased in Walmart in the USA.
It is in the Gun section and is a special lock to protect the guns from being used.

This is my Hotel or Guesthouse in Tupi Philippines a small city between General Santos and Marbel.
This is next to the Alliance Protestant church, or directly across the street from it. There is no sign.
It is owned by Mrs. Espritu and cost 600 pesos Per night in December of 2006


The yard of the guesthouse. I had private shower, air conditioning and a great room.

The Guesthouse in Tupi Philippines


The Alliance Protestant church in Tupi Philippines
Tupi is a small and quaint village, more or less a snapshot of culture that has not changed so dramatically as the cities.


There was a wedding reception on the one night I was in this Guesthouse.

I was worried, here they was bringing very large speakers for the music of the wedding reception.
I was fortunate, the party did not go all night. It is normal for a party to last all night in many
parts of the world and whether anyone else wants to sleep does not matter.

I am therefore very worried about loudspeaker systems. There has been no Islamic Loudspeaker
systems so far in Mindanao, mostly just Christian. Loudspeakers to me are a poison to the
the peace of the world.

Purina 4H club, Purina is a brand name for pet foods. 4H Club could mean the type of 4H in the USA.
I am not sure,  I have never seen 4H outside the USA.

This is a sidecar type car on a motorcycle. The type of car has changed from General Santos, there is a
different type of car here in Tupi, than in General Santos Philippines.

A family owned convenience store or corner store in Tupi Philippines.
They would always say hello and be friendly as I past on the way to the guesthouse.

This is a typical two basket carrying system. The piece of wood between the two baskets here is bamboo.
It is someone crude and has not been shaped or molded here.

One great point of this system of carrying is balance, if the one basket is heavier, the person
carrying can move the basket forward of back and keep the weight equally distributed
between front and back.


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