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This is purple eggs in the Public Market of city of General Santos Philppines.
They are "Salted Eggs" and they color them so you can tell them from the raw or normal eggs for sale.
I do not know what a salted egg is, but that is what it is.

Graham Crackers are sold in the Philippines, yet not in most of the world.
The foods have a strange relationship to the foods of the USA.


A man smoking a cigarette, blocking the road, on a bike taxi in General Santos.

This is three areas or machine that removes the meat of the coconut. I found it strange, I just saw the first
machine of this sorts in Indonesia, now I see in General Santos Philippines, it as if my eyes have been closed for years.


The break the coconut first in this sink then allow the milk to go drain away or for disposal.
The break the coconut into two piece, then put the center again the middle and grind the meat of the coconut
out of the coconut.

There are two sections of the General Santos Public Market, this is the lane or road between.

They are all requesting I take a photo of them

This is an Extra Joss Drink stand, that is mango to the right in the Mixer.
I have stopped and talked with this group of girls and the owner many times, it is how
I develop friendships quickly, I do so by returning to the same places many times.


I stayed in the T'boli of the Tboli Hotel on the highway in General Santos, and plus the Lonely Planet had it listed.
It is a nice hotel, I somewhat amazed that my 510 Peso room had white floors, as they get dirty looking
very fast. I was even more amazed when this rag type rug that sits in front of the shower was replaced.

I am annoyed and despise these types of rugs. The reason is because they are not replaced.
They will lie on the floor in front of toilets for weeks, rot, smell, and become terrible.
This rug is washable, the ones that are not easily washable are the problem.
The best is just a towel, the heavy duty type they give you in the 5 Star places.

The Tboli would replace this, this was exceptional and very good.


I took a photo, and was not happy to find all these hairs when the magnified photos appeared.

This is my camera case, it has become a problem. I have air conditioning and when I leave
the room this insulated bag retains the cold. I remove my camera and the lens fogs over.
Camera Lens Condensation

This boy was selling popcorn and peanuts. I like the sugar coated ones. I was thinking the other day.
Peanuts is a staple food in most of the world. I can buy them in almost any location.
Generally even in a place that has very few foods, like Africa they will grow Peanuts.
In the Amazon River flood plains or in the locations where the water is covering the land most of the year, when
the water reside, they grow peanuts.


Small and hidden, yet prevalent in the Philippines is a movement to exercise in health clubs. I see many
in the Philippines and this is excellent. This is in a small city called Polomolok on the road between General Santos
and Marbel. It is a small city, not a big metropolis in the Philippine and yet, I can find see this Fitness Center
from the window of my bus.

I do not look for what is common in the rich areas of a country to understand a culture, I look for what is
common in the normal areas of a country to understand the culture of a country.

Behind this small hut on the road between GenSan and Marbel is an extremely large field of Pineapples.
There is a Dole Pineapple plant in a few of the cities.

Pineapples in the Philippines and probably part of the efforts of company of Dole

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