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This is the prices list for room in the T'Boli Hotel in General Santos Philipppines.
This is a very nice hotel, however I must take the 6 peso taxi to go anywhere of interest in the city.
I was laughing, the Transient room for 4 hours for 400 Pesos, the Philippines is always allowing
a way for love to occur or other...

This pool is excellent, very unusual to have such a nice pool. It has a slide.
My room is 510 Peso, private bath, no window, and AC, but good value in Philippines.

I think this is reasonable, and I do appreciate, especially appreciate the management saying
number 4, an annoying part of the Philippines, and common.

This is a park in General Santos, there is a Tuna Festival in September in General Santos Philippines

I am giving this internet cafe on Pioneer Street my vote for noisiest internet cafe on the planet.
The cost per hour in December of 2006 was 15 pesos, the same type of service, however quiet
in Manila is 60 peso, I am outside the tourist bubble and the prices are normal.

A Filiipino version of Tuk Tuk, this is a collective or group taxi in General Santos.
The cost is 6 peso, and they can or will run a path in ways, they pick up anyone going their direction.

Room for 4 people in the back

The call it a trike taxi


The T'Boli, the name T'boli is the name of the ethic group in this area.
Well, they have one of the largest key jobbers I have seen, this thing falls out of my pocket it is so big.

I am never sure why they hotel make these very large key chains.


A father, with Family in a three wheel bike, behind my Taxi in General Santo Philippines

There are many cheap hotels on Pioneer Street in General Santos

T'Boli Hotel in General Santos, more of a MOTEL

Thse are clay cooking pots for sale in General Santos, at the public market

A person can see many types of fish at the public market of General Santos, Philippines

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