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I took a photo of this man and his son in front of the Adriatico Pensionne in the Malate area of Manila.
I would evaluate the needs, or think that a person could weigh the needs by the feet.

This was in the Adriatico Hotel in Malate Manila. The woven basket holder was made special for this pot.

There was a water main leak on Adriatico Street in Malate - Manila Philippines
This man is taking a dip shower in the big hole in the street.


The hole was big

A very good zipper slider or padlock slider I found in Robinson Mall of Manila

Padlock Slider

There was a huge typhoon that hit south of Manila while I was there in November of 2006

I have been teasing and prodding the Adriatico Pensionne Hotel to explain to their cook,
"This is not a westernized version of continental breakfast, we do not eat hotdogs for breakfast."

They have or give a free breakfast, there is the Filipino version and the Westernized version.
The cook is 19, and she says, he does not understand, however, it has been this way for the last couple
of years, the devil is in the details.... hehehe

A toilet in the T'Boli Hotel in General Santos Philippines
No toilet seat, and a dip, but they did give me a roll of toilet paper.

The sink is outside the shower area - General Santos Hotel Philippines T'Boli

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