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This is a Photo taken from the train between Jakarta and Bandung Indonesia.
The engineering that went into the creation and transfer of irrigation water needed
to create this maze of rice terraces is amazing.

The Moritz Hotel or Homestay in Bandung where I stayed - Indonesia

The front of the Moritz


A market street, maybe this would be a wholesale street in Bandung Indonesia

These people from Bandung all wanted their photos taken

This is a coconut grinder, first I have seen, in Bandung Indonesia

This tray or bamboo or mesh tray is typical of Indonesia

Some unknown type of food in Bandung Indonesia


A portable restaurant in Bandung Indonesia.
I have been looking a lot at the stick between the two ends, I think it is made of bamboo.

A bike Rickshaw or Taxi in Bandung Indonesia


Whartel or small street that is more or less an alley in Jakarta Indonesia, on Jaksa Street

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