Indonesia Train

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This is a view from the train window as I traveled from Jakarta Indonesia to Bandung Indonesia, about three hours.


The terraces between Jakarta and Bandung in my mind challenge the Banaue ones of the Philippines for
the challenge of engineering how the water for irrigation will flow from top to the bottom.

This is not flat land, it has many smaller peaks, not large one,
the quantity of peaks make the challenge of water more complicated.

The train going around a curve, about the only way to photograph a train that is moving while inside.

A gorge in Indonesia

Indonesia Train

Rice Terraces in Indonesia


Indonesia has both highways and trains, the number of vehicles in this country is expanding
at rate faster than the roads. (November 2006)

Rice Paddie Valleys and Terraces in Indonesia



Train Station in Indonesia

If you look close you can see many pipes entering the drainage
tile or aqueduct area, this is a way of diverting water for irrigation.

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