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This is a Chicken Kabab kiosk or street food restaurant just off Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand.
I have been debating, it is not a Kabob, it is a Shawarma in my mind.

KABAB:grilled meat dish: a selection of small pieces of tender food,
for example, poultry, meat, fish, or seafood, threaded onto a stick and grilled

This Shawarma, a.k.a. Kabab is great, the prices is right around on dollar US, however
the man or woman will stuff the pita bread full of chicken. I ate a Shawarma at a new
stand over the other day near the L A Cafe in Manila and they did nothing right.

No chicken inside, same price, however the problem was sauces and spices.
This small place here gives you all the condiments needed. I sometimes am annoyed with the Thailand people,
then I am also amazed at the general clever nature of the culture.

I would love to recommend small places like this, however, the internet pages is forever, a book is not.
How can I recommend this restaurant, then update it when the restaurant stops, goes out of business
or moves...

The chicken is lean, I believe they have done a great job of cutting off the small excess piece of fat and gristle.


The put in in this Pita Pouch, then to the left is a mayonnaise type sauce, there is about four others also.


Prepared bread, like a Subway, or ready prepared, this small stands has my seal of approval, they could go far.

Walking home, this girl was doing a Buddhist ritual with some incense. I thought of the irony,
there is not much about a Tattoo place that gives me a sense of Holy.
I missed the photo, she was turning and leaving before I could take it.
What did the religions of the world do before someone invented the incense stick?

This is the Toilet inside the Jakarta Indonesia Airport, a squat toilet.. hehehe

I entered Indonesia and took a train from Jakarta to Bandung Indonesia, I am going to Bandung to search
for parts to make Backpacks.

This is an endless lake of rice paddies, in Indonesia.


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