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A collection of electrical type adapters and devices I use for travel.
Andy of

I need a travel light, there is a special push and turn light bulb that is used in Africa and other parts of the planet.

This clips on the side of the bed or many places

There are two points that connect with the non-screw type light bulb

All the adapters I have in my bag

I use this to connect direct or sometimes when the plug is too loose, or I just do not have the correct combination
I will insert directly into the plug holes.

I have one strand number 14 guage wire so it remains rigid

This type of socket, normal in most of the planet, however, not in the USA,
allows both a round 220 plug or a slotted 110 plug.

This is a 4 prong 220 adapter

This is what I call a German plug

This is NECESSARY if you want electricity everywhere, you remove the light bulb and insert to make plug outlet.

This is the same adapter, however for the two prong insert and twist, hard to buy, but extremely important


I was in Ghana, it uses the ENGLAND square type adapter, this type is annoying, so I purchased an
adapter for the country. I purchased in Ghana, not outside. It is normally very easy to purchase
and adapter you would need inside the country you are visiting.
I will throw this away now.

I became very tired of adding this to the end of a plug, so I taped it onto the slotted plug

It converts a slotted to a round 220, a computer is normally both 220 and 110, however the slotted
plug is normally a 110 plug. If you tape to the cord, you will not lose.


Same, yet on my extension cord.

I had this made in Peru, 4 slots, yet is both slotted and round, it has 14 guage wire.

This is a special velcro strap that allows me to connect to other wires.

My coffee cooker, shower water preparer, purchased in Bolivia

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