Bus Zinder to Niamey Niger

Bus Zinder to Niamey Niger Photos    Bus Zinder to Niamey Niger Pictures
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Typical Homes in between Zinder and Niamey in Niger


Niger Girl

Henna on the hands of NIger Girls


I am not sure of the Ethic groups, I did not see this type of hat much in NIger

A grain silo in Niger


Tidene Expeditions, a tour company from Agadez

DED, a German development company translates their sign into many languages.

Many languages explaining the German Development Service DED Deutscher EntwicklungsdienstWo

World Vision has a sign in English, although in a French Business Language country

Milk in NIger

FanYogo a semi-sweet frozen yogurt

Instructions in the DED Hotel that explains how to dispose of condoms after using

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