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DED - Program Alimentaire Mondial



DED - Allemand de Develooppement

Auberge Mourna - A nice Hotel, over-priced, but you can get one room for 10,000 CFA

Auberge Mourna. - Close to one Bus Stop.
These hotels were thriving in Zinder one year ago, they are now almost empty.
The number of NGO, reporters, and people in Iraq grew last year when CNN and BBC fabricated
a story about a famine that did not exist.


Cybercafe in Zinder Niger

Next to the internet cafe is this small Islamic prayer area

This is why, I title this page... Burning Africa. West Africa has been logged until there are very few
trees, and now the people are continuing the process and burning the remainder.
I just do not know how long this can go on, 10, 20, 30 years, there will be no trees left in West Africa

A sign saying to use charcoal and not firewood. Anyway you do it, neither should not be used.
Stopping the breathing of smoke is a popular idea in the world.


Seeds in the Eden-Foundation.org central office in Zinder, they try to experiment to see what seeds will
grow in the sub-Sahara

Map showing where they have started their Malnutrition Solutions

Tanout is their central region of influence, this is about 50 mile north of Zinder

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