Niger Border to Dosso

Niger Border to Dosso Photos    Niger Border to Dosso Pictures    Travel Newsletter  204

Grass Roofs on Huts in Niger or Thatch


Millet growing in Niger

Millet, strange it seems that there is more farmed land in Niger than in Benin

Crossing a border checkpoint in Niger / Benin Border, not very close to border, about 50 Kilometer into Niger

Mud Hut or lean too

The Peugeot Station Wagon Taxi I was in from the Border of Benin - Niger to Dosso Niger

Venders selling water and other foods as we wait for the government officials to check our car

The man to left is urinating, this is a common way here, and in India they squat.


Cattle and Huts in Niger as we have just crossed from Benin into Niger


Niger Children



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