Kandi Benin Photos

Kandi Benin Photos Photos    Kandi Benin Photos Pictures
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Benin Girl carrying goods on Head

Pump by climbing sign for irrigation

This man gave me a ride to look for the "Welcome to Kandi" Signs

These are Peugeot Station Wagons or Bush Taxis that will take me to Niger

This man is collecting trash in Kandi Benin

Men riding in back of truck in Benin

Sign saying there is an Elephant Crossing

Cattle in Benin


Loading up the Cattle in Benin, I call them Cattle Cars, not Bush Taxis

Entrance to Parc Regional W Du Fleuve Niger
Regional Park of the River Niger

This Arm Rest was digging into my side, they put four people in the front of the taxi

The handles are often missing, if you ask or can find where the taxi driver keeps, you can close or open the window


Firewood along side the road for sale. - West Africa is being Burned - Benin

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