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ONG in Kandi Or NGO Non Governmental Organization
Every city in West Africa seems to have some issue.
I think this is for research of the enviroment of Benin or Kandi Benin

I believe Kandi is a big Cotton growing city

VACCINONS - Vaccinations given to infants in the French Language,
Benin speaks French as their language of business.

La Poliomyelite La Turberculose La Dipterie  La Coqueluche La Tetanos La Rougeeoule

Cotton Growing along side the road in Kandi Benin

Corn Maize maybe Millet

Auberge de Kandi

My sisters name is Kandi, I was trying to find some sign to the city.

How to pump water by using a machine that people walk on or climb and it pumps to irrigate

I am on the back of a Motorcycle searching for the "Welcome to Kandi" sign




Benin Girl

Kandi Benin

Kandi Benin

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