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Kandi Benin Hotel Photos    Kandi Benin Hotel Pictures
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We stopped at small village for food as I traveled from Parakou Benin to Kandi Benin

Mud Adobe or Clay hut, in Benin. This one has tree limbs inside the walls, and the walls are then packed.

Typical house setting, the cooking is done outside the home in Benin

This is a Bush Taxi or a Peugeot Station Wagon
The normal local transport between cities in West Africa


This is Cheese or Fromage, I have never tried, the red on the outside is not inside.
There is a white soft cheese inside.

I believe pumpkins along the road in Benin. Sad or bad or lack of diversification is one village may grow and sell
pumpkins, whereby another village does not have one pumpkin.

Benin Pumpkin between Parakou and Kandi Benin along side the road


Hotel Room in Kandi, Benin, my bag is chained to the corner of bed.

This is the more expensive room however has a steel roof.
I am in the cheaper room with concrete second floor roof.
My room is naturally cooler.

Auberge La Rencontre in Kandi Benin - Hotel Motel

Auberge La Rencontre in Kandi Benin - Hotel Motel

Maep Cenagref Parc Regional W
There is an animal park just north of Kandi, I am not sure how to enter, it sort of appears
you need a car, but I think somewhere you can arrange tours.

Parc Regional W Du Fleuve Niger

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