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Road between Pobe Benin and Cove Benin

This man spoke exceptional English, got off in some small village. Amazing man, he gave me his email and wanted to write.
The big problem is he may only check email once every two months and has to travel for 50 miles to go to the Cyber Cafe.

My Islamic Friend, I gave her a Cadeau, paid to get information. What is your name?
She instantly than tells me, I am Musalman or Muslim... Fun and games.

Arrived at the market area, and most leave

This dingaling wanted his photo taken, demanded really.
Normally the men in the full traditional or what not are in my opinion more dangerous.
I appeased him and took his photo, these are not work clothe normally, more the rich guy of the village
or to me the problem people. Anyone that is male or feels special can be problems as they can be very pushy or bullies.

What a GREAT PHOTO! He was demanding I take a photo. He hold the cell phone in his hand.
A perfect example of class systems, not a hard rock class system, a soft class system.
This man is saying, I have a cell phone, I am a special person, I am not just common like
the persons you left the truck with. Note the man in earlier photo with normal clothes spoke good English.
The man above that spoke English was about learning, this man is about prestige or who-I-am.
Social Status does not mean a person has brains, it means they have power. Might make right or power is violence.
The man with the brains will eventually rule, however in lower situation violence rules.
It is nice when business rules and not violence.

Another photo is wanted

Now a typical women in Benin

A goods cart, they are loading up all the big bags from the truck and hauling for the people.
IF I wished, I could always arrange some type of hauling system in Africa to carry big items.
The problem is language, they do not speak French, then the price could be I hit a home run off  the white man style.
I cannot be bothered to spend all the time negotiating and explaining to use them.


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