Fon Benin Culture

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100 Franc, I get a lot of Bananas here, in the city, I get four of them

She put the bananas on here head, the head is like a table to many people, Anything in their hand could go on the head.


Benin Children from the Fon Tribe or cultural group.


My Group Taxi or Group Bus.. Group Truck. The LP calls them Bush Taxis. I think this is just the White mans
version of a name. Very comfortable in a way, lots of air, the cars can be so hot and stuffy


A local market along the road

This is an organized set of concrete structures built to be a market

The Islamic girl that is giving me a hard time

Benin Child or Fon Child

The Market or Marche in French

Market in Fon area of Benin


This women has dropped her top. I am finding this very normal in the more rural areas

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