Pobe to Cove Benin

Pobe to Cove Benin Photos    Pobe to Cove Benin Pictures
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Typical clothing of normal people in Benin

Photo from back of Truck going between Pobe Benin and Cove Benin, road to Ketou Benin
It is a clay road

Many small groupings of homes along the way. I think there is probably a common well, and that causes groups of homes.

Clay and thatch roofs, a good and cool way to live in tropical areas.
A modern steel roof is very hot, the concrete is expensive, if done good the clay can be rock hard.
It has to be baked to be clay tile, this is cheap, they do not bake it.
But the cost of clay is zero, they are building homes on clay base.

The road to Cove Benin

Very normal and typical view of mother carrying baby in Benin, She has the cloth on top, it will be  in a circle.
she will put all those items on her head.

Unusual this building going to the ground. I am not sure, sometimes they make building for chickens or animals.
I do not know or did not discover the purpose. To learn I need to observe. I could ask, but the information is not good.
If I see them using the building, I know, if they talk they may describe the building to the left, because...
"Why would a person want to know about the chicken house.?" Asking questions and learning is an art,
as a person who travels for years, I am not overwhelmed. I have seen this many many many times.
To me just a variation of prior buildings, different, but not unique. I can then focus on observing specifics, not
being confused.




Islamic Girl or Musalman

She has a sold and purchase stick in her mouth to clean her teeth. I think they also use toothbrush,
however they believe, I feel or think that with the stick they also can do a better job.
The quality of teeth in West Africa is great. The do not chew the betel nut or nasty things.
In India or some places the chewing of nasty nuts and such is disgusting.
They do have something here to chew, but not so common.

Along the road

Running to the truck, because the White man hollered. "Banana"

100 Francs and a nutritious and cheap snack for me.

These bananas are fresh, and clean. Not normal really, I am happy. Benin

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