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I am not sure what the name for this type of cloth hanging in doorways, but in Pobe it was nice. Benin

I can have air, but also privacy or more than normal in Pobe Benin Hotel

I am cooking some water with my one-cup coffee maker or electric water cooker.
Note when I plug this in, I stand on the cloth matt, it is walking around barefoot and plugging things in
can give you are great 220 electrical shock. I think often people need an lesson in how to use
electricity and the knowledge is less in developed countries. A poor country understand how to get shocked
or what will shock them, a person from Europe or the USA does not learn how electricity works
therefore is a soft target to get shocked.

My bed, with a Mosquito Net, this room has a lot of benefits, even though it is not painted and the concrete is bare
the room is full of benefits, easy to judge wrong, weighing or summing up the benefits, it is great room for 5500 CFA
in Pobe Benin, plus I can sit outside with the family and watch them cook food on charcoal.

I leave Pobe and go to Cove Benin, the road is clay or dirt


A cement factory along the way between Pobe Benin and Cove Benin or possibly Ketou Benin

Cement Factory

Inside the back of a truck, it cost 2000 CFA to go between Pobe and Cove

A small village, NOTICE the Electric Wires! The roof are standard in Tropics, even though it looks primitive
it is not as primitive as you think. The roof materials and the clay is very cheap and convenient.
A roof made of thatch is cooler than metal and will last from 5-15 years.

Benin Girl that speaks Fon in the back of Truck Bus

She pays to have them hair extensions put on, the price is between 2000 and 10,000 CFA and all the girls have them.


See the cut on her cheek. On vertical and one horizontal. There are many different types of cuts
I am not sure if the tribe, the family or what is involve with this type of cut.
She does not speak French, she speaks Fon, there is a man in the back of this Truck that speaks exceptional
English and is translating for me, he does not answer all questions. Asking about tribal traditions or cuts on cheek can
be very difficult, it is considered not fashionable or not modern, therefore a person speaking English
will consider it low or not of interest to modern white people. If the person learns this type of knowledge if of
interest to a white person, say they are a guide. They will then make up information and tell lies.
Very difficult to keep the desire to make money from making up stories. I only trust a person that has
no financial gain in explaining. I have to be lucky, I was lucky, but we did not talk about the cuts.
I was wanting to learn why the Muslim girl to the left of her, wanted a gift before she would say her name.


Everyone wants their photo taken

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