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Hotel in Pobe Benin, I am in a small place. This is a nice family hotel for 5500 CFA

Nothing tell me Hotel ...  Nulle Part Aillerus Hotel

Gas for sale along road in Pobe Benin

Areeba cell phone doing the cooperative sign advertisment.
Without the advertising signs there would be less knowledge of where I am located.
Areeba cell appears to be the biggest in West Africa.



Walking around in Pobe Benin


The main roads are good asphalt, the side road are always clay or sand in Benin or most of West Africa

A water Tower, a very good signal or sign to me. They pump the water out of deep wells
however only the richer person can pay

There is a girls about 14 naked cleaning or bathing in this photo, but too far away.
Bathing is normally done near a well or source of water

I am on a Motorcycle Taxi, much easier to take photos and not have people get frustrated, want money
or sometimes angry.

In my Hotel in Pobe they was using the water from the gutter or eves of the roof to run off into the well water.
It may be a cistern, but I think a well, they have running water in the Hotel.

On first thought you may think this is all primitive and such, however it is not.
Most homes in the world do NOT have GUTTERS. This to me is very developed.
Utilization and control of water is an advance sign of development, not a lower sign.
Pobe Benin West Africa

A cockroach in my room, the big normal size for the Tropics

I got him, always feel good to smash one. I am careful though to use something that I can clean
the juice from the dead cockroach will get on things. I swept it immediately out the door.
 I never trust that a cockroach is dead.

This has been the standard type of window in my trip of Benin or West Africa.
80 Percent of the time they have screens. Screens are not normal on the planet.
I never have screens in South, Central America or Asia, or even in Europe, more of a USA thing.
Africa has screens on window.

Note, this is close to door. In many country they can pull this type of window reach in and unlock the door.

A cloth to hand down in door to allow air to enter, but also to have privacy.
It was not designed good, however a nice option, the first I have seen.
This room has a TV in the room, running water and good electricity.

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