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Turkeys in Porto Novo Benin West Africa

A Islamic Mosque in Porto Novo Benin, I took this from the back of a Moto Taxi moving.
I consider religious people dangerous, I am very cautious about photographing any religions.
Police and Religions are the most dangerous people on the planet.

Marche Ouando - I am not sure what Ouando is, maybe the state of this area?
Sometime the local Fon or Mina or whatnot will have a local name for a city.

Taxi or Goods cart in Porto Novo Benin West Africa

A American Flag, not special reason, just very common

A cooking stove behind the hotel to use.

These two girls are cleaning Snails or Escargot, very large ones.

These are propane cookers, behind the Capitale Hotel in Porto Novo Benin

She is large, only 15 years old

15 I think

They was posing, they all want their photos taken

Escargot or Snail to eat in Porto Novo Benin West Africa

This is my new pail, I have two now and enough water to use to take an excellent dip shower.
I have only had one shower in Bassam that had hot water, all the other have not.

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