Porto Novo Benin Hotel

Porto Novo Benin Hotel Photos    Porto Novo Benin Hotel Pictures
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A big square timber or plank of wood being carried on a bike.
There is or was a lot of wood in West Africa before they cut, many woodworking type business.

The girls next to the Capitale Hotel in Porto Novo, all asking for a Cadeau or Gift
this is standard, I assume if I talk, they will want a gift, I never give them gifts.

The girl with baby was a nice woman

I try to remember not to listen and judge people how they feel, not how I hear.

This is a Rasta Man in Porto Novo. If one of these people see me, they instantly come and talk.
They assume that a White Man wants to talk to a Rasta Man in Benin.
I very short and abrupt told him, and he did speak English good.
I do not like Rasta Man, leave, he still could not get the message.

La Capitale Hotel in Porto Novo, I paid 8500 CFA, about 17 dollars. A nice hotel, and closer to market.
I assume always now that I am paying too much, I think there is probably two prices, mine and the locals.

Yaourt Hollandais. Holland Yogurt in Porto Novo Benin

French Fries for one dollar, this price is double anywhere in the 80 percent world or developing planet.
I was across the street at a normal and pretty good restaurant near the Capitale Hotel in Porto Novo Benin.

This is a group taxi car. They will have four in front, four in middle and three or four in back.
Sometimes more if possible to put children or people will allow.

Capitale Hotel in Porto Novo Benin, the room with Toilet and fan was 8500

There is always a Mercedes Benz in a the Hotel parking in West Africa,. Amazing how much
money or extravagant the rich compare to the poor can be.

I  walked out the back of the Hotel in Porto Novo. This girl has no top on and is digging.

Walking away

A turkey I believe or hope behind the hotel

I am seeing a few turkeys in Benin, this is good, some variety of meets. There are
goats everywhere, however the chickens are somewhat scarce.
This is a trash pile behind the hotel, the animals are always eating in the trash piles.


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