Cotonou to Porto Novo Benin

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I am leaving my a French Rough Guide Dictionary Phrasebook and a
Harrap's Mini Dictionnaire behind. I am leaving in the Crillon Hotel in Cotonou as trash.
I have not been able to use and play the game. "What is this word with people"
because almost nobody can read, so no use carrying the books.

In the Van going from Cotonou to Port Novo Benin, I saw this tall building with wood scaffolding.
I believe the construction techniques often tell more about a society than it obvious.
In Bali the boys were working with no shoes, here they have sandals?

The toll booth leaving the city with a set of scales to make sure the weight of trucks do not destroy the road.
A very advance thing, however the toll booth never means the road is good.
Just and easy way for the government to collect money for sure.

Farmland, however to me is scrag land. Not leveled good, or prepared before they farmed.


Gas station or GasOIL station along the road. Large glass containers full of gas, then they siphon off.

Gas or Petro near Porto Novo or Cotonou Benin

Girl with infant on back

These carpets are not normal, I have not seen any carpets like this in Africa.

Water or river, this is in many ways a swamp land


Entering Porto Novo, my taxi driver on the motorcycle and me stopped because of the rain.
It cost 500 Franc from the stop to the Capitale Hotel on the bike.

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